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230 Question Meme

Tagged by :iconshyorchid128:


  • Be honest. If you don't want to answer then state 'Classified'
  • Tag at least one person ;v;
  • Answer as yourself please, not an OC or something. (Unless you're an account dedicated to a certain OC or something.)

 Section 1: Personal Stuff

  • If you don't want to answer certain ones, Just put 'Classified' •

1. Name?

2. How old are you?
    14, and got them this year.

3. What is your Birth year?

4. How tall are you?
    Around 1,66 to 1,68 meters.

5. What country do you live in? Is it the same one you were born in?
    Panamá, yup. 

6. Shoe size?
    9 (Big foot daughter here...)

7. Zodiac Sign?
    Capricorn. I'm a half goat half fish :v

8. Glasses?
    Nope, im hawk eye. 

9. Braces?
    No, but i need them

10. Right-handed or left-handed?

Section 2: People

11. Do you have a partner (Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Husband)?
    No, and i want to continue like that till 20.

12. Do you currently have a crush?
    Does famous people count? If yes, then Logan Lerman :v

13. If so, who? Do they have deviantART?
    Already answered that above, and i'm pretty sure Logan Lerman doesn't have     a dA account...

14. Have you ever had a crush on a friend?
    Yup, when i was on first grade. I Think that that doesn't even counts xD

15. If so, did you tell them?
    No, i think i didn't.

16. Do you know if someone has a crush on you?
    Not really

17. If so, who?
    I told you i dont even know if someone even has a crush on me 

18. How many relationships have you been in(Partnerwise)?
    Zero, i'm too tsundere for that

19. Who was your first kiss, if any?
    Not given my first kiss yet

20. Ever break any hearts? Or have yours broken?
    The perks of not having a boyfriend yet? No boyfriend, no heartbreaks.

Section 3: Favourites 

21. Food?
    Pizza, and french fries. 

22. Animal?
  Phoenix, Dragons. Talking about real ones, dogs. 

23. Show?
    Dont watch TV

24. Book?
    Percy Jackson Saga

25. Fandom?
    I'm in a lot of fandoms 

26. Colour?

27. OC?
    Don't know, Mia maybe?

28. Game?
    Not a gamer, trust me.

29. Hobby?
    Writing books and being awesome at it

30. Family member?
   My mother

31. Ship (Aka your OTP)?
    Lolena Love What? A huge Selena Gomez fan here, obviously shiping her with my crush.

32. Song?
    I don't have a favorite song, i always obssess with the one i hear recently

33. Singer/Band?
    Selena Gomez. Band? I think BTR.

34. Author/Book Writer?
    J.k Rowling maybe

35. Youtuber?
    German Garmendia, definitely.

36. Country?
    Don't know, but ill love a country that has more green than city.

37. Site?
    Wattpad and Facebook

38. Piece of art?
    Don't have

39. Movie?
    The Cat In The Hat

40. Drink?

Section 4: Family

41. Are your parents still a couple?

42. If not, any step parents?

43. Any siblings?
    Yes, a big brother

44. Half siblings?

45. Step siblings?

46. Any pets? If so, Kind and name?
    Yes, two dogs, Lala and Moon

47. Any kids?
    Dude, i'm 14 .-.

48. If not, any plans on kids?
    Maybe in the future if i found someone who loves who i am, not how i look

49. If so, names and genders?
    Three, one girl, two boys. Don't have any names though.  

50. Most annoying family member?
    My brother, well, maybe he's not annoying, just that his presence annoys me xD

Section 5: School

51. Are you still in school?
    High School, ninth grade

52. Did you drop out?

53. Ever get suspended?
    Almost one time

54. Do you buy or bring lunch?

55. Grade?
    Told ya that ninth grade

56. Favourite class?
    English, geometry and math

57. Play on any sports teams at school?

58. Are you popular?

59. Best memory at school?
    Not sure

60. Most humiliating moment at school?
    When i got my period for the first time... yeah...

Section 6: First thought when you hear 

61. Food?
    Pizza please.

62. Dirt?

63. Cold?
    Love it

64. Minecraft?

65. Sleep?
    Should be a sport

66. Headache?

67. Elephant?

68. Laundry?

69. Five meters?
    The shit? Don't understood

70. Math?
   Baldor doesn't even compares me B-) 

Section 7: Do you believe in 

71. God?

72. Gods?
    No, but their stories are awesome

73. The original poster never specified what this question was so enjoy handsome Squidward: Squidward Sexy (Blinking Eyes) Squidward Sexy (Dance)  

74. Closet monsters?

75. Demons?
    Don't know

76. Magic?
    Part of winx club fandom, remember?

77. Heaven?

78. Hell?

79. Reincarnation?
   Hope it really exists, i love to life

80. Yourself?

Section 9: Do you 

81. Smoke?

82. Do drugs?

83. Skip classes?
    Wish to

84. Cuss?
    Don't know that verb

85. Sing in the shower?

86. Drink alcohol?
    THAT IM 14!

87. Think you're attractive?
    I'm an antonim of that adjective

88. Sleep walk?
    Thanks Lord I dont

89. Want to get married?
    First, i said i didnt wanted but leaving alone the rest of my life... Uh, uh. Want to marry the night at least.

90. Drink and drive?

Section 10: Have you ever

91. Sent nudes to someone?
    Never in my life

92. Broken a law?
    One day i robbed a classmate's pencil, does it counts?

93. Been arrested?
    14 freakin years old

94. Skinny dipped?
    I don't entender very mucho

95. Killed someone?
    Hope i never do

96. Watched a pet die?
    No, i know i wont be able to handle it

97. Told your crush you like them?

98. Climbed a mountain?

99. Gotten drunk?
    I'm tired of repeating my age so stop repeating this type of questions

100. Faked being sick so you didn't have to go to school?
    Tried but my mom never believes me

Section 11: Would you 

101. Sky dive?

102. Bungee jump?

103. Swim with dolphins?
    I dont know, some videos have traumed me

104. Steal a friends boyfriend or girlfriend?
    I'll try not to

105. Lie to the police?
    Never talked to one so...

106. Run from the police?
    It would kinda awesome and badass

107. Lie to your parents?
    Several times

108. Backstab a friend to get what you want?
    Honestly? Dont remember, I think i dont

109. Work at A&W(Or any Fast-food place)?
    14 years old... still have parents...

110. Kill the Prime Minister(Or President)
    Would love too, well, not the actual one but the last one.

Section 12: Are you


112. Crazy?
    I'm crazyness encarnation

113. Insane?
    Also of this one

114. Okay?

115. Weak?
    Physically? All my body except my knuckles. Emotionaly? Nope

116. Straight?

117. Bisexual?

118. Mean?
    When they diserve it

119. Quiet?
    The opposite

120. Trustworthy?

Section 13: Dream

121. Job?
    Really important business woman

122. House?
    A big mansion with backyard and three cars

123. Pet?
    Dont want anyone

124. Car?
    Three, one of them will be Bumblebee.

125. Wife or Husband?
    Tall guy with blue eyes, brown hair and nice smile. I just hope Logan Lerman doesn't mind the 9 years difference between us xD

126. Country of residence?
    As much i want a quiet place, probably USA

127. Children's names?
    Dont tought about it yet

128. Honeymoon?
    Neither of this

129. Children's gender?
    One girl two boys

130. Best man/Bridesmaid?
    My two besties

Section 14: Friends :D (Big Grin) (Big Grin) 

131. Best friend?

132. Loudest?

133. Tallest?

134. Shyest?
    The loli one

135. Known the longest?
    Also the loli 

136. Funniest?
    The Neko one

137. Craziest?

138. Cutest?
    Both are cutem i mean, they are a Loli and a Neko

139. Most patient?
    Definitly me

140. Shortest?
    The loli

Section 15: The last 

141. Thing you ate?

142. Thing you drank?
    Orange juice

143. Thing you heard?

144. Thing you said?
    Dont remember

145. Song you heard?
    Anything i remember

146. Thing you watched?
    This tag

147. Person you hugged?
    My bestie the neko

148. Person you yelled at?
    no one

149. Time you GOT OFF YOUR LAZY ASS?

150. Thing you wore?
   shorts and a t-shirt, both of pajamas

Section 16: Yes or no 

151. Vegetarian?

152. Do you like penguins?

153. Is there stupid people around you?

154. Can you see bread fish?

155. Can you see out a window right now?

156. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

157. You x Your phone?

158. You x Your computer?

159. Are you a unicorn?

160. Am I annoying :c?
    Not really 

161. Can you cross your eyes?

162. Do you like Anime?

163. Do you read Percy Jackson?

164. Do you like cats?
 Not really

165. Are you awesome?

166. Did you notice the Hetalia reference in question 69?

167. Do you bite your nails?

168. Do you like jeans?

169. Do you play Chain Chronicle?

170. Do you spend to much time online?

Section 17: Other questions that I don't feel like putting in sections 

171.How long is your hair?
    Used to be on my waist length but cutted it, now on my shoulders

172. Are you lazy?
    Of course

173. Do you enjoy this meme?
    Too long but yes

174. How many OCs do you have?
    A lot

175. Whats your favourite number?

176. Who's your favourite book character?
    Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, two badasses

178. What about show character?
    Percy Jackson and Harry Potter? Hey, they had movies...

179. Do you have any nicknames?
    A lot

180. If so, what?
    Tsundere, Becca, Becky

181. Do you like fries?

182. Do you like sleeping?
    I have black belt on that activity

183. If you play Chain Chronicle will you give me your friend code?
    I don't play Chain Chronicle

184. If not, will you please download it on your phone/device?

185. What colour are your room walls?
    Purple and cream

186. How many video-games do you play?
    Elsword counts?

187. Do you like your teacher(s)?
    Some of them

188. Do your teacher(s) like you?
    Dont know

189. Do you like Nightcore?
    Of course

190. Do you watch Markiplier?

191. How long have you been drawing? (If you don't draw why are you on deviantart)
    Dont remember, like years

192. Winter or Summer?

193. Digital or traditional?

194. Jeans or skirt?

195. Pink or blue?

196. This meme or Tartarus?
    I'm a son of Hades so...

197. Tape or glue?

198. Pen or pencil?

199. Weed or Alcohol?
    None of them

200. Shower or bath?

201. Inside or outside?

202. Top or bottom~?
    Dont understood 

203. Coca Cola or Pepsi?
    Coca Cola

204. Yellow or pink?
    Baby pink

205. Cold(sickness) or Fever?

206. Black or white?

Grey (And for the perverts out there, i didn't said it because of Christian Grey -.-) 

207. A&W or Tim Hortons?

208. Justin Bieber or Shakira?

209. Football or Basketball?
    Dont like sports, but basketball

210. Apple or Android?

211. What do you think about boy bands?
    Nothing relevant

212. What do you think about suicide?
    That is stupid. And if that someone out there wants to commit it, then do it. You will be doing the world a favor.

213. What do you think about LBGT?
    Dont know what does initials mean

214. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years?
    Hope so, already have 7 with the loli.

215. How about 10 years?
    Would like to think is possible

216. Do you have a website?

217. Who's your favourite dA artist?
    IDoesn't have any fav artist

218. Who do you think will end up stealing this meme off you?
    No idea

219. Do you hate anyone?
    Nope, is a waste of feelings and emotions

220. If so, who?
    Told ya i dont

221.Hetalia or PJO? (just choose xD)

222. Riptide or Acapella?

223. Nice or Rich partners?

224. One nightstand or a BOOKSHELF?

225. Do you like your mom or dad figure more?

226. Scarf or hat?

227. What time is it right now?
    10:30 p.m

228. Whats the date right now?

229. Whats the weather like?
Is night so is kinda cold

230. Tags

I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

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